Internet Addiction in Teens: Diminishing Student’s Motivation to Learn
June 3, 2016

School Dropouts Linked to Internet Addiction in Teens

Internet addiction in teens is not uncommon within our culture. Today, it is hard to imagine life without a cell phone, laptop, or tablet. Today’s young people are described as ‘digital natives’: being the first generation to have grown up with mobile devices and social media. Many people are developing unhealthy attachments to technology. Technology creates constant distractions limiting our ability to be productive, passionate, or motivated to complete necessary daily tasks. As technology evolves, so do the consequences of excessive technology use. Medical News Today discusses new research that studied the link between internet addiction in teens to school dropouts and depression.

The Research

The research conducted is the first study to question the reciprocal associations between internet addiction in teens, school engagement, school dropouts and depression. Throughout the study, two different groups were studied. The first group was a group of adolescents between the ages of 12-14. The second was a group of adolescents between the ages of 16-17. The students were selected from a variety of different schools.

What Was Found

Students who develop internet addiction are more likely to lose motivation to learn. This ultimately increases the chances of them dropping out of school. After teens are no longer involving themselves in education and regular social interactions, they are at a high risk developing symptoms of depression and negative attitudes towards education as a whole. Research also concluded that while excessive internet use can lead to internet addiction in teens, the internet also provides important necessary experiences for youth. The use of digital technology can also encourage and engage teens to take interest in new things not provided within the school systems.

Research suggests that if your teen is suffering from excessive technology use, the most critical time to eliminate the chances of internet addiction in teens is between the ages of 13-15. The most effective way to remove excessive internet use is to promote school engagement and encourage student’s motivation to learn. While the internet provides pleasurable and useful experiences, excessive use can be damaging to teens mental health and could result in internet addiction in teens.
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