Teen Heroin Addiction: A New Treatment
June 1, 2016

FDA Approved a New Device to Help Teen Heroin Addiction

Sometimes in life we venture down the wrong path. As a teen ager peer pressure can lead to making poor decisions for yourself. While our friends may seem like the most important people in our lives as a teenager, they often don’t always have our best interests at heart. Addiction is becoming a common problem amongst teens. Teen heroin addiction is commonly abused because of how addictive it is. Addiction can destroy our lives, hindering us from achieving healthy relationships, wellbeing, and educational futures. A recent article by CNN reveals a new device approved by the FDA that can help teen heroin addiction and other opioid addictions.

The Problems with Addiction

The Center of Disease Control states that over the past two years, overdoses linked to opioids and heroin use killed more than 28,000 people nationwide. Americans only represent 5 percent of the world’s population. Yet, Americans consume 80 percent of the world’s opioids. Every 19 minutes someone dies from an accidental overdose. The risk of teen heroin addiction is at an all time. This new device was created by the government to reduce the risk for teens and drug addiction.

How Do You Develop an Addiction?

Opioid and heroin link to certain areas of the brain that control pain and emotions. These drugs intensify the effects of a hormone called dopamine. Dopamine produces an intense feeling of euphoria in the brain’s reward areas. People develop an addiction because the brain develops a tolerance for the feelings created by the drugs. Resulting in the brain requiring more and more of the drug to achieve an equal feeling of euphoria that was experience during the first use of a drug. The often leads to dependence which later results in addiction. Teen heroin addiction is so common because of how addictive the drug’s effects on the brain are.

The Device

The device is an implant that releases daily doses of the medication buprenorphine. The device is implanted into the arm, where it can steadily release the needed dosage. Buprenorphine is a common medication used in teen heroin addiction cases. It withholds opioid and heroin cravings while also preventing withdrawal symptoms. It is typically used over a six-month course. The device helps teen heroin addiction by ensuring patients do not miss a daily dose. It also prevents patients from selling their supply of medication to other addicts, which could encourage relapse. The new implant is meant to be used with behavioral treatment to help teen heroin addiction recovery and ease withdrawal symptoms.

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