“Catching” Depression: Symptoms of Depression in Teens
July 1, 2016

The public is relatively ignorant when it comes to issues concerning mental health. Many believe mental illnesses are rare–but they’re not. Many, many people suffer from a mental illness, and a large amount don’t know the symptoms or how to get help. While mental health issues aren’t necessarily contagious, symptoms of depression in teens have the ability to be taken on by other people. This is because of the huge effect those around us have on our wellbeing. Psychology Today recently discussed how symptoms of depression in teens can impact friends and others around them.

It’s not just symptoms of depression in teens that can rub off on others

It’s well-known among professionals that unhealthy and healthy habits are often taken on by our friends. If your friend is really positive, you’re more likely to be positive. If your friend has started smoking, you’re more likely to start smoking. If your friend becomes depressed, you have a greater chance of being down in the dumps.

Symptoms of depression in teens contain the same types of behavior and attitude associated with criticism, irritability, and pessimism. These types of behaviors can be rubbed off on others.

Research conducted

In a study, researchers took more than 100 pairs of new college freshman roommates to study. Throughout the year, they studied the roommates within three and six months of living with each other, examining how one student’s symptoms of depression and their ability to process emotions influenced the other’s.

What they found confirms the theory that another person’s attitude can rub off on you. Researchers found that the students who lived with a person prone to unhealthy attitudes and behaviors developed qualities similar. Just by living with a person with symptoms of depression they increased their risk of developing depression.

Power of positivity

In no way am I saying you or your child should avoid people struggling with symptoms of depression in teens. Many teens struggling with depression need a helping hand and positivity can rub off just as well as negativity. This is why it’s important to reach out to those grappling with depressive symptoms and try to influence their lives in a positive way.
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