Teenage Problems: Internet and Video Game Addiction
June 15, 2016

It may seem simple, kids play video games too much so they stop it’s easy to stop… right? From what we have learned about addiction to internet and video games it can be one the hardest teenage problems for parents to tackle.  Technology is everywhere and this constant bombardment leads to a life where you are always just a few seconds from your favorite electronic device.

Why is internet addiction one of the most concerning teenage problems?

When teenagers have an unhealthy addiction to the internet for video games they can withdraw from normal life.  They build a bond with their device or their video games they use to replace traditional human interactions. Many professionals compare this addiction to the internet or video games to a gambling addiction.  Teens addicted to video games play twice as much as those not addicted to video games, once video games or a technology addiction begins to affect their everyday life it is time to seek help.  

In David N. Greenfield’s research on virtual addiction he identifies four types of virtual addicts:

The Shopper- The stimulating potency of the products or services seems to be directly proportional to the absence of real-time social cues that exist in more traditional commercial exchanges.

The Aimless Wonderer- The act of being on-line is in of itself arousing. They enjoy the multimedia stimulation, the challenge of visiting new places, and learning new information. They find the whole Internet experience intoxicating and impossible to master or complete.

The Social Surfer- They may become compulsive with chat rooms, personals, and e-mail such that they derive a significant portion of their social and interpersonal gratification from the social contacts they make and keep online.

The Task Master- This is someone who seems to find himself or herself compulsively accessing online tasks, which are, in and of themselves, highly stimulating. This is seen with excessive stock trading, pornography, gambling, shopping, or auctioning.

If you are concerned your list of Teenage Problems include internet or video game addiction please seek help as soon as possible.

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