Video Game Addiction in Teens
May 29, 2016

Video game addiction is something we have only seen in the last 15-20 years. While experts agree, the turning point from hobby to addiction all depends on context most parents can see video game addiction in teens in their everyday life.

Research and studies have started to become common place since the early days of video game addiction.  The good news is their now exists research and neurobiological evidence to point to the true existence in addiction to video games. Before, parent’s would just write off video games as a hobby or interest that had gone too far. In 2013 the DSM-5 began to recognize internet and video game addiction, while they still work to offer an official classification it is apparent video game addiction in teens is a much larger issue. 

Video game addiction in teens has its drawbacks socially in that teens often choose a computer or TV as a replacement for face to face interaction or physical activities.  This can lead to poor social skills, poor health habits, and in make cases it causes teens to develop habits leading to larger health issues.

Some experts have even likened the patterns of behavior in video game addiction to that of alcoholism.  Teens addicted to video games can become abusive or violent when their “drug” is taken away.  They develop a need for video games that interrupt their everyday life, and in some cases forgo good hygiene and food to continue playing their games.

There are many alternatives and outlets to help, one common one is wilderness or adventure therapy.  This removes the distractions of electronics all together.  This is a popular option for teens struggling with internet or video game addiction. Being in the wilderness allows teens to drop their unhealthy addictions and remember a time where these distractions were not even available.

“Wilderness or Adventure Therapy helps bring awareness to emotional avoidance and offers responsible alternatives for teens struggling with internet or video game addiction.”

-James Hyman, BlueFire Wilderness

If you are struggling with video game addiction in your teen seeking out help may be the best option for you and your family.

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