Our Four Favorite Parenting Blogs for Troubled Teens
May 11, 2016

Finding a good source for advice is hard to do.  The internet is full of bloggers that have half conceived ideas with little to no research behind the advice they give.  We have searched high and low to bring together a comprehensive list of the best to visit for parenting advice.

Now these are good areas for information, but always consult with your therapist to review strategies to be as effective as possible in parenting your troubled teen.

Best Parenting Blogs For Troubled Teens

Aha Parenting.com- We love this resource for many different reasons.  One of the most important is the groupings of advice my age. From pregnancy to teenagers they have brought together enough resources to make any parent feel informed.

Working Mother- This is an extension to the magazine but helpful none the less. You should like it for the articles and love it for the perspective that today’s mother juggles a work life and home life. Sometimes this perspective is missed in our modern world.

Modern Mom- Good for food/health/wellbeing but also important as they touch on adoption related issues and has a specialized section on Tweens and Teens. They have a deep well of bloggers and each story is told from a different perspective. You will definitely find something you can relate to.

Scary Mommy- Great title, but probably one of the most comprehensive parenting blogs on our whole list. Travel advice, trending topics, Teens and college subsections ensures a simple search will provide advice on any range of topics.

Again, each of these parenting blogs are great starting points for researching what is going on with your teen.  To gain stronger insight on their behaviors please reach out to a mental health professional.  

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