Impulse control
May 5, 2016



The overall control of an individual’s actions to act on their desires. These impulses may be directed towards objects which will provide some form of instant gratification or may cause a pleasurable feeling. The level of an individual’s ability to control their impulses is a huge factor in whether or not someone’s future is successful, whether or not they will be have friends, and succeed in school.

Children who struggle with following rules and sense of order may also have impulse control issues. These impulse control issues may become harmful to a person’s overall well being and can lead to negative repercussions throughout their lives. Individuals who struggle with having a sense of discipline in their lives often choose to act in ways geared towards instant gratification.

The habits surrounding poor impulse control can be changed and worked on. At a therapeutic program such as wilderness therapy, residential treatment centers, and therapeutic boarding schools, problems associated with poor impulse control are addressed through various therapeutic techniques.

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