January 3, 2018


Therapeutic Boarding Schools Help {State} Teens Succeed

Therapeutic boarding schools offer an alternative method to both teaching and therapeutic approaches. Therapeutic boarding schools are equipped with highly trained professionals that guide teens with structure, patience, and trust. National Youth says, “Therapeutic boarding schools offer social, emotional, physical, and spiritual guidance, in addition to educational enrichment for troubled teens.” Teens struggle in school and at home for many different reasons.

Poor academic performance, loss of interest in activities, and poor home experiences are typically due to:

  1. Low self-esteem, negative sense of self, substance abuse, self harm, abuse by parent or loved one, defiant behavior, manipulative behavior, learning disabilities, bullying, stress, peer pressure, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, mood disorders, trauma, and smart phone/video game addiction.
    1. Therapeutic boarding schools take teens out of negative and stressful environments. Teens are given the chance to heal when surrounded by encouragement and guidance.

Therapeutic boarding schools treat the underlying causes of struggling teens. Professionals work with teens in a nurturing environment and provide them with the proper tools they need to succeed upon re-entering the world.

ResearchGate says, “Participating youth improve significantly during treatment and these improvements continue after youth return home.”

Therapeutic Boarding Schools offer teens from {State} the opportunity to thrive in an alternative environment. By offering programs rich in both education and therapeutic approaches, teens learn positive coping mechanisms and tools to lead a successful life.

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