January 3, 2018


Therapeutic Boarding Schools Use a Holistic and Nurturing Approach to Help Teens from {State} Recover

Tough love is proven to be an ineffective way to help troubled teens heal. Studies have shown that safe, secure, and holistic environments have greatly helped teens recover from troubling behaviors.

In a study by Research Gate, “Wilderness therapy was associated with statistically significant positive changes in overall functioning. Youth in the study experienced significant decreases in suicidal ideation, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, social conflict, sleep disruption, violence, as well as an overall reduction in externalizing behaviors such as impulsivity, defiance, and hostility. Furthermore, these youth demonstrated improvements in work and academic functioning.”

Teens recover and stay healthy because therapeutic boarding schools look at both the internal and external well being of teens:

  1. Nutrition-based approach: teens are introduced to healthy and balanced diets. Not only does proper nutrition help stimulate brain function; it also helps teens feel more positive about their appearance.
  2. Physical fitness: regular exercise has many benefits for teens. Exercise helps teens concentrate, get in great shape, sleep better, work together, have a more positive body image, stimulates brain cells, and have more successful relationships.
  3. Communication skills: learning to express feelings and how to listen to others. This “generates a sense of comfort and confidence internally and interpersonally.”

A natural and safe environment is key in helping teens from {State} learn to heal. Creating a secure atmosphere allows troubled teens to let go of their daily stresses.

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