December 20, 2017



  • Being Aware of The Introverted Child
    Some kids grow up and are quiet or shy, while others are sociable and outgoing. These kids who are quiet are often termed the introverted child. The child that never raises their hand in class. The child that doesn’t speak up even though they know the answer. So, how do... Read more »
  • Tips for Improving Teen Mood
    The teen mood is infamously unstable. Teens not only have a high load of stress, but they have puberty on top of all of that. Puberty is the main cause of those nasty teen mood swings experienced often. So how can you help relieve teen mood swings? Psychology Today recently... Read more »
  • Coloring Books: A New Tool for Stress in Teens
    As a child, coloring books were a common activity throughout each day. As we get older, coloring and art become less and less of a priority. Until recently, a new fad of coloring books was recently released that are designed for adults. That’s right, coloring books are making a comeback!... Read more »
  • Don’t Let Your Manipulative Teen Bully You
    When you think about bullying, what comes to mind? For most people, they think of traditional or cyberbullying among middle schoolers and teens. But sometimes it’s towards parents. If you have a manipulative teen, it can feel hard to put your foot down–they can make you feel helpless. In these... Read more »
  • A Common Misconception: Alexithymia and Autism
    It is a common misconception that all children with autism can’t understand emotion and will never be empathetic towards others. This stereotype is incredibly untrue. While it may seem that people with autism don’t show emotion the same way others would, they can understand emotion- just in a different way.... Read more »
  • Michael Phelps: Creating Hope for Teen Addiction
    Many people have heard of Michael Phelps struggles with substance use over the course of his Olympic journey. Phelps was struggling with alcoholism and drunk driving, but he decided to seek treatment. Now, Michael Phelps is back in the game. He’s on his way to his fifth round of Olympic... Read more »
  • Is There an App for That? Measuring Your Emotional Well-Being
    It’s normal for parents to what their children’s emotional well-being to be perfect and in tip-top shape. We’re always thinking, if we can just make them a little happier, they would excel more in school, with friends, and in life. But we can’t read their minds, which means we never... Read more »
  • Media Influence on Teens
    With technology today, it’s not uncommon for parents to worry about media influence on teens. There are so many shows today depicting sexual interactions among fairly young teens (Pretty Little Liars, for example) that are specifically made to target adolescents. But what evidence has been shown that proves parents need... Read more »
  • Certain Parenting Styles Linked to Unhealthy Eating Habits
    Every parent’s parenting styles are different It all depends on how a parent themselves was raised, how their children act, and how their own personal experiences have shaped them. In a new study, researchers discovered that parents who are more “hands-off” with snacking often have children with overeating issues. Link... Read more »
  • Prince Harry addresses teen struggles
    Through adolescence, it’s normal to go through common teen struggles. As a teen, it can be difficult to discuss our emotions or express ourselves, teens haven’t fully developed a strong understanding of their self-identity yet. Teens are infamous for keeping their feelings bottled up, letting them build and build until–much... Read more »