Coloring Books: A New Tool for Stress in Teens
July 22, 2016

As a child, coloring books were a common activity throughout each day. As we get older, coloring and art become less and less of a priority. Until recently, a new fad of coloring books was recently released that are designed for adults. That’s right, coloring books are making a comeback! New research has been coming out about the benefits of taking time out of your day to sit down and color–no matter the age. For older kids and adults, coloring has a stress-relieving effect. Many professionals believe coloring books could be a new way to treat stress in teens. CNN recently published an article discussing the benefits for young and old people alike.

How coloring can combat stress in teens

Teens regularly face a large amount of stress in their daily lives. Not only do they have to worry about college, they also have to worry about current exams, friends, family, afterschool activities, and more. It may not sound like a lot to an adult, but remember: adults have developed coping mechanisms for stress–we already know how to handle it. Teens haven’t achieved this yet.

Teens rarely have a moment of calmness. An instance where they can focus on something relaxing. Even if your teen frequently plays video games, even though he or she enjoys it, they’re not actually relaxing their brain. Coloring books allow this time. Many of you have probably heard of the new research being released about mindfulness—coloring books provide teens with a time where they can be mindful. They can focus on the moment instead of worrying about an upcoming test or how they’re going to do in this week’s soccer game.

Not only is it a time for them to calm down, but it actually combats stress in teens. Less than an hour of coloring had a cortisol-lowering effect on individuals in one study. The researchers in the study now want to expand their study because the results were so promising.

Seeking treatment

While coloring books seem to be a promising new way to help handle and process stress, sometimes it’s more than one family can take. Stress in teens can’t always be handled–but there are options available for your family. If you believe your child may be struggling with high levels of stress or even anxiety, it’s extremely important to reach out to a professional for further guidance on what to do next.

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