Young Women Are More at Risk to Develop Teen Anxiety
June 7, 2016

Review of Research Suggests Teen Anxiety is Underrepresented

Teen anxiety and other anxiety disorders are the most common type of mental disorder present within the general population. The CDC estimates that the lifetime prevalence of anxiety is more than 15 percent. Typical symptoms of teen anxiety disorder consist of an increase in worrying, tension, tiredness, and fear. Teen anxiety can make life extremely challenging for people. These symptoms can create imbalance in their everyday routines and prevent them from living normal lives. It can greatly affect their ability to succeed in school or maintain stable relationships with their peers. Medical News Today states that a recent review of previous research has found that teen anxiety is more common in young women.

The Study

Even with the reasonably large quantity of studies on anxiety disorder, data about marginalized groups is hard to find. Researchers organized by the University of Cambridge examined the findings of 48 reviews of anxiety studies. The researchers analyzed the reviews content on the development of teen anxiety, anxiety in relation to addiction, and anxiety related to other health conditions such as cancer or heart disease. They also considered the effects of geographic location and setting, including clinical or community environments.

The Results

Around 4 in every 100 people overall are reported to experience symptoms of anxiety. The group of people most affected by teen anxiety and other anxiety disorders were young women and people with other health conditions. The United States has one of the highest rates of anxiety compared to other areas of the world. Anxiety disorders are a growing interest for researchers, but there is limited research currently available. The limitations on what research already exists is creating a learning gap for researchers to be able to develop new treatment solutions. Select people in marginalized groups are underrepresented in reviews that researchers have look at. These people are who are likely to be at a greater risk for teen anxiety or other anxiety disorders.

Researchers hope that by identifying present gaps in research, future research can be driven towards select groups and include a better understanding of how evidence can be used to create treatment options for individuals. Many people do not realize how common teen anxiety and other anxiety disorders are today. It is important to understand which groups are at a greater risk so they can receive the treatment they need.

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