Body Image in Teens: How to Help Keep It Positive
June 13, 2016

Two Techniques for Promoting Healthy Body Image in Teens

Today’s teenagers are flooded with unrealistic body images by the media. Body image in teens is now represented by an unrealistic idea that girls and boys have to be thin, womanly or manly, and flawlessly beautiful. A recent study found that two in three 13-year-olds worry about gaining weight. Teens often destroy themselves emotionally and physically to attempt to fit into this unrealistic standard of body image. CNN suggests these 2 techniques to promote healthy body image in teens.

Promoting Healthy Body Image in Teens

Teaching healthy early. Encouraging a healthy lifestyle early on is a great way to ensure your kid will develop positive body image as a teenager. Promoting a lifestyle of physical fitness, eating healthy well-balanced meals, and not missing meals are examples of lasting healthy habits. Being a good example for your teen is also an essential part to if they will develop healthy habits. Working out together or keeping the kitchen stocked with healthy food options will encourage your kid to build these habits and maintain them throughout life.

Be positive about your own body. How parents speak about themselves can directly affect body image in teens. It’s important for parents to be aware about how they’re commenting on their appearance and how critical they’re being about their bodies. Teaching teens to focus less on appearance and more on health and internal qualities are good ways to create positive body image. Promote the importance of things that have more to do with the type of person they are becoming rather than their appearance.

Long Term Results

Encouraging healthy habits and mentalities teach teens a realistic idea of body image in teens. The best way to counteract negative body image messages by the media is to teach teens that not everyone who is fit or active has the same body. There are plenty of healthy and fit people that are a variety of sizes and shapes. When teens develop active and healthy lifestyles they feel less inclined to look like a super model and more inclined to want to continue to feel healthy about themselves.

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