Decoding Emoji Use: Understanding How Your Struggling Girl Communicates
June 1, 2016

Emojis. These tiny pictures have integrated themselves into the regular texting vocabulary of young people and even some older folks. To the average adult, they seem silly. Something you stick onto the end of a text to be cute or trendy. However, for your struggling girl, it may be something much different.

The emoji dictionary contains vast choices of faces, types of people, foods, animals, and more. This is because they allow you to communicate more clearly. Especially for a struggling girl who has difficulty with conveying her emotions, emojis are the perfect tool to pull out in those wordless moments.  

How emojis are helping your struggling girl communicate

Signaling a joke. If your struggling girl has issues with tone or social cues, emojis may be one of the only ways she can express and explore the humorous side of herself. Something that may be regularly taken as an offensive comment, like “I dislike you”, can be changed completely with a tongue-out emoji added to it. Now it’s playful, not offensive.

Getting out of her comfort zone. For a teen girl, it can be hard to experiment and push the boundaries with subjects. For example, maybe she’s uncomfortable with saying, “I love you” to family members and close friends. With emojis, she can convey these feelings through a heart eyes emoji or a bunch of heart emojis. She can stretch her comfort zone by utilizing emojis.

When there are no words. There are many situations where your struggling girl may find herself at a loss for words and just say, “I’m fine” instead of explaining how she really feels. With emojis, she may be able to do this. For instance, if your daughter had to do a presentation and you texted her afterwards, “How did it go?” she may not know how to convey her feelings. But with emojis, she could send you a monkey covering its eyes emoji or a scared face emoji to explain her emotions.
Overall, these silly, small icons offer up a whole new dictionary for your struggling girl to further express and explain herself when she doesn’t quite know how to with regular words.

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