Parenting teens: Tips and tricks
June 13, 2016

Need help parenting teens? Take a look here before you start trying to help your teen.

Parenting advice and parenting systems are a dime a dozen, but how do you choose one that can make a difference? The goal behind finding any parenting system is to ensure it is evidence based. With the internet and wealth of knowledge at the fingertips of every parent it is hard to determine the information that matters, and the information you should avoid.  

There are a few different governing sources for Parenting Teens that provide an in depth list of resources.  The goal in reviewing any of these resources are to make sure they are evidence based and have years of research behind them.  Popular systems like Love and Logic have a loyal following, but at the end of the day do not actually have any evidence based practices.

The first place professionals suggest looking for resources is the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration(SAMHSA) website.  SAMHSA is a great resource that makes parenting teens so much easier.  They are an authority in the market to connect parents to services and help from Teen Suicide to Conflict Resolution. They provide a suicide helpline and a national help line for parents with any kind of concern. For parents looking for a higher level of care SAMHSA is also a resource for local residential programs.

The next place families should look would be The California Evidence-Based Clearing House. The CEBC is similar to SAMHSA in many ways but is a great resource for professionals just as much as families. They can help you find a program and/or find resources for your family to use.  The goal of their organization is to ensure people can find evidence based practices, they remove a lot of the confusion over “Where did this come from” or “How do I know this will work?”

There is a lot of bad information out there, used these two links to make parenting teens that much easier.

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