Troubled teens and sports
May 29, 2016
  • In Fort Meyers Florida Juvenile arrest dropped almost 33% when the city began the STARTS (Success Through Academics and Recreational Support) Program.
  • In Virginia Officials was a 29% drop in crime after creating youth athletic leagues.
  • In Phoenix AZ leaving Basketball Courts open at night lead to a 55% decrease in calls to police reporting juvenile crime.

Each of these statistics have one thing in common, sports. Troubled teens and sports are a great combination.  Using sports as an outlet for energy leads to reduced crime rates, increased academic performance, and help to better prepare troubled teens to tackle social issues.

There are some approved therapies you can use, such as the FAST approach to help troubled teens overcome a shaky past.

Sound Mental Health has a therapeutic approach to address this dilemma head-on: functional action sports therapy, or the FAST approach, which constructively channels adolescent risk-taking behaviors through action sports in addition to individual mental health and substance abuse therapy. Research shows that physical activity for youth decreases depression and anxiety symptoms (Monshouwer, Have, Poppel, Kemper & Vollerbergh, 2001).

Sports are a great opportunity for a teen to feel a part of a larger group.  Team sports are found to improve coordination, enhance a child’s ability to tackle social issues. There are limitless options for your teen to receive help, while sports may not be the definitive answer it can be a key part of a plan that treats the whole teen.

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